Why are Zodiac signs important?

Bracken House - LondonZodiac signs are referred as the universal spirits or energies that manifest in this entire universe.  They are responsible in providing life or substance to our very existence and act as the source of strength to all material things.  There are 12 zodiac signs and each one of them epitomizes or contains some standardized principles important to all life functions.  These standards articulate or express themselves by means of physical planets that could influence the spiritual and physical centres (glands and chakras) of very life form living on them.  Some may wonder why there are 12 zodiac signs and not fifty or hundred.  This is because 12 is the number that was agreed upon universally for the creations of this time. The Chinese have had a long tradition of reading the Zodiac and some consider the Chinese New Year Horoscopes to be the most influential of all.

Initially, there could have been just 2 signs as implied by the 2 petalled Moon chakra.  However, the chakras in our body beginning from the 2 petalled Moon chakra to nearly 1000 petalled sun or crown chakra means distinct phases in our development is taking place all the way from past to the future.  Each and every one of them is even numbered implying that creation or matter is a feminine manifestation.  Likewise, it also suggests that every zodiac can contain signs only in even numbers.

There are 4 important zodiacs including its square values.  Everything in between these or before is considered transitional.  The force and mater originates from the void of zero.  Two is considered to represent duality like the principle of male and female, spirit and matter, force and receptivity etc.  Four signifies the basic elements that include earth, water, air and fire along with their corresponding principles – matter, soul, mind and spirit.  Four is important in light of the fact that the 4 elements together result in the birth of sentiency (Cancer), also the foundation of every individual life.  Six is intelligence, diversity and physical order (Virgo).  Eight is the soul life (Scorpio) or individuated sentiency which dominates the astral plane.  Ten represents skeletalized life (Capricorn) which dominates the physical plane.  Twelve indicates angelic or astral man as signified by the 12 current signs of zodiac.  Sixteen or more represents higher complex forms of ourselves.

Theoretically speaking, odd numbers signify the shaping or acting forces and principles whereas even numbers signify resulting or reacting principles.  One is the impulse, drive or force of life (Aries) and represents both singular or collective oneness.  Two is the duality (Taurus) which is also said to be the principle that is feminine- receptive and is capable of using or absorbing spirit in order to provide it with a mind and life.  Three is consciousness (Gemini) or mental activity which could also be the product of raw force (Aries) with Taurus, the pure matter.  Five represents creativity (Leo), will, joy and love.

Seven symbolizes relationship and harmony (Libra) as indicated by the 7 essential components of astrology.  Nine is expanse or growth (Sagittarius) especially on spiritual level.  Eleven is universal brotherhood, freedom and indivisible truth (Aquarius).  Twelve is the astral or inner collectivity, universal oversoul and the akashic records (Pisces).  It joins all that had undergone dissolution, permeation or absorption to begin or restart any chain or cycle of birth.

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The booming British economy

EconomyForecasters share happy news for those who fear slow and long financial decline in Britain.  The UK will remain standing tall among the greatest economies in the world by 2030 having surpassed France and made advancement on catching up with Germany.  As per the report of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), it seems like only India will surpass Britain on the list of rich nations as the former rapidly advancing countries such as Brazil and Russia struggle to remain on the worldwide league table.  The report further goes onto prove that the young force of the Britain’s economy, with its increasing birth rate and adaptable work sector will differentiate remarkably with the maturing populations of Europe, particularly the mainland.   Disregarding the possibility of Scotland in voting to part ways on September, the report estimates that UK will remain as an important member in the global A-list of economy.

Co-creator and an economist at PwC, Barret Kupelian states that Britain’s economy had recovered its dynamism lately when compared to France.  He further adds that Britain ought to narrow the gap of GDP with Germany in time, despite the fact that this is anticipated to be determined generally by the Britain’s more positive demographics with a less quickly maturing population and solid work power support rates.  Other developing markets may surpass UK in the long run.  However, India would deal with this prior to 2030, in view of GDP at exchange rates of the market.

Francois Hollande, who is already under pressure for directing a debilitating French economy, is very much unlikely to expect that things could get even worse as his nation drops down in the rankings of GDP from fifth spot to the sixth by 2020 and secure eight place by 2030.  Just few years back, there were figures that the UK would quickly turn into an economic power (second class) and would have to concede to the nations of BRIC which includes Brazil, Russia, India and China within a brief span of time.  China has positioned itself above Japan for 10 years as the second greatest economy in the world.  By a few estimations, Brazil overtook Britain in 2012 with India and Russia closing behind.

Britain’s downfall was partly due to the expenses of banking crisis followed by the recession along with a significant decrease over the exchange rates which kicked around a quarter off the value of country when compared to its primary opponents.

From the start of a year ago, the economy has bounced back and banks have started lending once more.   Today, the pound has made a comeback of around $ 1.40 in 2009 to $1.71.  In contrast, Brazil has endured few rough years that have abated GDP development and pushed the real value down.  Russia will catch up to the top 8, however its dependence on gas and oil industry for development with its quickly maturing population will avert it leaping up the table rapidly.

Only India will get past UK by 2030, though an anticipated GDP of $6.1 tn is thought to be shared with above 1.5 billion people, just half the UK’s anticipated yield of $ 4 tn delivered by a population which is smaller than twentieth the size.  India will overtake China as the most crowded nation in the world by 2050 as indicated by a research of Pew Research Centre in which the population is thought to increase from 400 million to 1.6 billion.

China, which is anticipated to include only 25 million individuals by 2050, is generally viewed as the main country that would grow old before getting rich.  It will be the 2nd largest economy in the world after US without the adequate number of youngsters or immigrants to exceed its western rival.  PwC states that the policy makers of London should not be too comfortable about the report.  The UK stays underneath normal within the report’s ‘social advancement and union’ classification of the Escape Index, which positions each nation’s performance over 20 social, environmental, economic, political and technological indicators.  Based on this, Britain is placed fifth among the economies of G7 in 2013, surpassing Italy and France however behind Japan, Germany, Canada and USA.


The rediscovery of smallpox

A government scientist from the US discovered decades- old vials while cleaning an old storage space.  However, the CDC is not yet aware whether virus is still living.  The shocking discovery came into light last week in a research centre located close to Washington.  The old vials with small pox were found in a cardboard box all packed and forgotten.  According to the officials from CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), the freeze- dried virus from the glass vials remained intact with sealed liquefied glass.  Hence the virus may be dead.

However, this find was startling because the authorities from World Health Organization believed that the only remaining samples were securely put away in super secure labs in Russia and in Atlanta after the eradication of smallpox in the 1980s.  Authorities reported that this is the very first time that unaccounted small pox was uncovered in the US.  This was the second late occurrence where health agency from the government seemed to have misused an exceptionally perilous germ.  A month ago, a lab security lapse at CDC, Atlanta advised the agency to give antibiotics as a precautionary measure to a number of employees against anthrax.

The viral specimens of smallpox were unearthed in a building of National Institutes of Administration from 1972.  The officials from FDA stated that the researcher was cleaning a cold room situated between 2 research facilities on July 1st when he came across the samples.  Smallpox could be potentially dangerous even after they are freeze- dried.  But the virus should be kept in a cold environment to thrive and remain deadly.  Authorities said the markings showed the smallpox had been placed away in vials during 1950s.  In any case, it is unclear to what extent the vials were in the building which remained unopened till the 1960s.  Nobody was infected and no contamination of smallpox was present in the building.

In a meeting held Tuesday, an official from CDC said that be thinks the vials were put away for a long time at room temperature which in turn suggests that the specimens are dead.  However, FDA authorities later revealed the fact of smallpox having stored in chilly stock piling for quite a few decades.  Both CDC and FDA authorities concluded that more laboratory examination has to be carried out to determine whether the germ is unsafe.

The samples were hurriedly sent to the CDC located in Atlanta for examination.  It will be destroyed thereafter.  According to a former official of World health Organization working now as a professor in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr David Heymann, in one similar instance, vials with small pox were discovered at the base of a cooler during 1990s in an Eastern European nation.  Heymann stated that it is hard to tell whether there may be other overlooked vials containing smallpox out in the world.

Small pox was a standout amongst the most deadly illnesses ever.  It took the lives of around one third of those who were infected including Britain’s Queen Many II and left many of the survivors with profound scars due to pus-filled lesions on their faces.

Practice for a great singing

Some consider singing as a God sent gift.  It is indeed a great pleasure to listen to a beautiful melody if sung in a sweet manner.  If you think that you need to brush up your singling abilities, one way to do is by practicing really well.  Yes, practice does make perfect.

Let us introduce you to one of the best methods when practicing your singing.  To begin with, start by adjusting your voice by the means of a warm up.  At that point, take time in breaking the melody into small pieces in order to concentrate on these areas in greater detail.  Next, set up the melody together piece by piece keeping in mind to resume with what you were dealing on small groups well until you sing the entire tune.  Let us provide more insight on that.

There are a number of online singing lessons sites available. Here’s a site that reviews those: http://www.regularsmusiccafe.com/

When rehearsing, warm up should be the starting point.  The purpose behind a warm up is to construct the correct coordination and offset for singing.  It is much the same like stretching the athletes do prior to their events.  Warm up correctly and you will be balanced and prepared for singing.  Avoid the warm up and you will more likely feel clunky and encounter less freedom in vocalization.  It is recommended to take no less than 10-15 minutes for warm up.  The best approach to work on anything is bringing it down to its smallest component.  This is the reason why we regularly utilize a solitary vowel and a consonant sound throughout warm-ups, in light of the fact that the more basic something is, the more probable we’ll be to encounter accomplishment with it.  Once we have encountered that achievement, we are prepared to experience more mind boggling combinations.

When you begin honing your melody, you need to separate it into small sections.  You could do a chorus or verse at once or perhaps separate things more and practice just one line. When you are chipping away at these areas, you can concentrate on idealizing each component… the inflections, the expressive components to include, the tone used in reflecting the feelings and many more.  Once you attain perfection on the first section, focus on the following one, then the next.  This is the manner by which one really perfects a tune.  Many artists commit the error of singing through the entire melody again and again when practicing.  This is awful because once you are a couple of lines in, you get into an auto pilot mode and very rarely change a thing. It is impossible to concentrate on many diverse components you need vocally in a melody while singing the entire thing again and again.


Keep rowing to be fit as a fiddle

Rowing 0022Rowing makes you fit quicker than just about any available activity which requires movement.  Its dynamics on low impact will help keep you active throughout lifetime.  Rowing is much likely the most complete activity of exercise.  It is practically exceptional.  It basically utilizes every muscle found in the body and helps in developing those muscles.  It does this than any other form of aerobic exercise using less movement of cycles in a minute thus preventing much wear and tear associated with the body.  Though muscle contractions occur regularly at or close to maximal, no gravity stuns the knees, hips, lower legs or the spine.

Throughout every cycle of stroke, you utilize the full extension of movement in your upper and lower back, buttock muscles, legs and arms.  While muscles such as these are engaged in working the centre stabilizers, including the abs, they also actively participate in transferring the load to the paddle handle and equalize the boat.  The final result is a genuine body exercise which can help in strength training in addition to bulky and cardiovascular persistence whilst creating centre steadiness and spreading the heap over the best conceivable joints.  Padding in a light weight bustling scull has various extraordinary or exceptional benefits worth mentioning.  First is the minimum cycle movement a minute than any viable persistence exercise.  Second is the minimal stun load which includes no gravity stuns like strolling or running.  Third is the full extent of movement for almost all the significant muscle groups.  Fourth is the requirement of balance and coordination over many joints.  Rowing is characterized as a very complex action.  This does not mean it is troublesome.  Basically it provides a good challenge to the human brain and the sensory system.  In fact, our sensory systems like such challenges.  Fifth is that rowing helps to develop our cardiovascular system.  Intensive paddling additionally requires strength.  The originator of modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin stated that sculling is the smoothest practice a man can do and it is the sculler’s mood that creates the view of beauty to the spectator.  The energy expense of paddling is high.  Hence this makes it one of the best conceivable routes for overweight individuals.

You can achieve the benefits of rowing on the water simply buy getting yourself an indoor rowing machine. You can find some good reviews on indoor rowers at www.rowing-machine-review.com

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Fashion industries take a new turn

In order to prevent endangering the forests, large fashion brands that are globally renowned have come forward to alter their supply chains. Zara and H&M are among the top apparel makers in the world.  This month, they have teamed up with a non-profit organization called the Canopy to remove ancient and endangered forests from their pulp supply chains that are dissolvable for their rayon and viscose fabrics.   The Canopy reported to Guardian on Friday that Stella McCartney would also be joining this cause.   The three companies have decided to take 3 years in order to find alternative substitutes for sources including recycled fabrics and straws.  Henrik Lampa, the sustainability manager of environment from H&M said that the consumers expect them to make great choices.  But they will be able to make good decisions only with a great awareness of the contents or the materials that are added into the products.

The movement can impact on both sides when it comes to fabric life chain.  Textiles make up 5% of the entire landfill waste according to the data gathered by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Council for Textile Recycling.  For a year, an American ends up throwing 31.75 kg of clothing and various other textiles on average.

Countries such as Indonesia, Canada and Brazil with ancient and endangered forests have contributed towards two thirds of import for dissolving pulp made in China for viscose.  About 75% of it was produced as viscose fabrics.  Lampa further stated that H&M was not aware of the fact that dissolvable pulp used in their rayon and viscose really came from endangered forests.  There is no transparency in the garment supply chain when it acts as a commodity market.  Though Zara refused to respond for interview requests, Lampa hopes that his company’s move might inspire many other fashion industries to follow their stand.  Nicole Rycroft, the Canopy founder points the devastating impact the managers are having on the biodiversity of endangered and ancient rain forests in northern Sumatra and Indonesia while disregarding human rights.

Breathing for a good singing

Singing is a vocal activity enjoyed by almost everybody.  Not everyone is gifted with great singing skills.  However, by taking singing lessons, one can improve their singing ability to a great extent.  For one thing, the gas or the fuel for your voice is the breath.  No sound is produced if the air does not pass through the vocal cords.  For the proper functioning of our vocal machine, the streaming of a steady flow of air from the lungs is a must.  This steady flow of air is created by the help of your diaphragm.  Diaphragm is a muscle associated with the base of your lungs.  When flexing your diaphragm, it extends descending, filling air into the lungs.  At the point where your diaphragm is locked in, the lungs are kept open in order to control the rate at which the air leaves the body.  You have less control over air if you do not engage your diaphragm making it hard to sing clearly.  When breathing from chest, larynx ascends and rattles the entire vocal mechanism before singing thus resulting in an unnecessary and an undesired pressure.

A good way to learn to sing is through online singing lessons.

For a better singing, it is important to breathe from the diaphragm.  To engage your diaphragm to sing, inhale profoundly, feeling a descending sensation in your stomach and an outward extension at your rib cage’s lower region.  When you have taken this great breath, proceed with that descending push while you sing your melody, just permitting it to discharge only when you are going to take an alternate breath.  Repeat this again.

It is best to inhale through the nose as this will prevent your vocal cords from drying.  Additionally, breathe out the rest of the air present in your body prior to taking another breath.  This will prevent from excess pressure.

Most importantly, keeping up a reliable stream of air is basic to singing, so obviously it is essential to support the tone.   If more air is pushed, it can help in generating little more sound.  However, if one sees this as their answer for including more volume, they are liable to take this guidance to the maximum.   This will end up making the singer tired due to over exertion.  Hence it is important to realize that space in resonance helps creating the totality of sound.   Therefore be sure to have a great carriage and make use of these spaces really well.





Enchanting jewels of Arabia

It is a dream come true for an Arab to have the ability to represent the heritage of Arabia in a global platform.  It is indeed a process which requires one to engage in multi-disciplinary actions to work day and night.  An Egyptian has been living according to this philosophy for the past 4 decades.  Meet Azza Fahmy who is famous across the world for designing beautiful exquisite pieces of jewellery for women.  Azza considers it to be a pride to have her brand of jewels worn by influential women from a number of different fields.  She says it’s a big responsibility to work towards securing that pride every moment of her day.  What is more amazing is that she balances in restoring hand crafted jewellery of Egypt while allowing the whole world to admire its beauty amidst many tensions and turmoil that is prevalent in her country. Having said that, there is no doubt about the wonderful work of hers playing an important role in taking forward a culturally rich splendour of Egypt.

When asked about how she became a jewellery artist, the idea of how it came onto her is quite fascinating.  Azza had a realization that her dream is to become a jewellery designer when she was not in Egypt.  It all started when she purchased an art book written in German language about the Europe’s classical jewellery in the medieval period.  The designs fascinated and inspired her very much.  This triggered her to take the journey towards being a jewellery designer and establishing her very own brand.

At first, she was curious to know about how the jewels are made.  This led her towards Khan El Lhalili in Cairo, well known for the production of antique jewellery.  In order to master the art, she realized that it’s imperative to be an apprentice and work alongside the skilled masters to learn the tricks of this trade.  Hence she started working at a workshop for 2 years.  When asked about women pursuing a career in this field at her time, she responded by saying it was very well dominated by male jewellers and craftsmen at that time.  However, this fact did not discourage her.  In fact, she fulfilled her fellowship at British Council and learnt jewellery craft at the City of London Polytechnic School.  She did meet with obstacles after she became an arts graduate and got a state job.  Many of her family and friends raised questions about her career back then.  But having faced such opposition, she recalls how it had moulded her into a professional person in time.

As far as jewels are concerned, Arabian jewels with intricate patterns are very much liked around the world.  This is because they exhibit extraordinary excellence with a fine finish.  Azza further goes onto say that their heritage is undeniable and it is reflected in jewellery thus making it stand out from the rest.  The correct balance of research, design and creativity is a must when cultures and motifs are used for referencing accurately.

Azza’s brand of jewellery is sold in major stores in the world.  When asked about her source of inspiration, she did have an interesting answer.  According to Azza, inspiration is found everywhere.  Just like the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is the inspiration.  It could be from a carpet, a poem, an icon, an architectural structure or even an idea.  In order to maintain the authenticity of her jewellery, Azza combines techniques of classical jewellery making with a contemporary presentation on focus.

South African mine gives rise to the most expensive diamond in the world

Mostly the diamonds are loved by the rich and famous globally.   The main reason for it is the sparkling beauty of such precious stones.  A beautiful blue diamond of 122.52 carats, supposedly the most expensive jewel so far is being unearthed in a South African mine.  Petra Diamonds Ltd stated that they sold a blue diamond weighing 29.6 carats just above US $ 25 million which was unearthed at the Cullinan mine located outside Pretoria.   They reported that the latest diamond was also found in the same mine and that its size almost matches that of a strawberry.  This diamond is expected to beat the record of the reigning diamond champion for being the most expensive.

Blue diamonds are thought to have a high value than white diamonds.  In a statement released by the company, it was indicated that this new find is a significant one as coming across a blue diamond of such quality is a rare phenomenon.  Petra Diamonds Limited was ranked on the top as percentage gainers in the Midcap Index of FTSE-250 due to the rise of diamond mine shares close to 7% a year in early trading.  Petra acquired this well-known mine in the year 2008.  They said the stone will be marketed after analysing its existing potential value.  Martin Potts, an analyst from finnCap stated that US $ 35.3 million was the highest price ever to be paid on a rough diamond.  It was a white diamond weighing 507 carats.  But he thinks that this new found blue diamond could surpass that record.  The largest rough diamond ever to be recovered comes from the Cullinan mine.  It was known as the 1905 Cullinan Diamond.  This was cut into two portions.  Part of it could be found in the Tower of London embedded in Britain’s Crown Jewels.